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more photos

I have been meaning to post some photos to this community but I'm sure you will enjoy them...

Image Hosted by

From mi3 fan premiere

Seeds of Peace gala: from

Of these some are vidcaps I made and a couple of magazine scans too. Others are from portfolios and celebrity galleries.

by the way, if you are looking for pictures, you can browse the calendar, there are many magazine scans, icons, vidcaps and sightings!!
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Browse the what?

Thanks for these, some of them I hasn't seen before.

But why the hell did he grow out this stupid beard? It doesn't suit him at all. As well as too-short hair and determinedly silly face. Why beautiful people have this urge to make themselves ugly, or al least try? Ewww.
I guess that the short hair and the beard were for movies.
Wow. I haven't seen most of those pictures before. Thank you for posting!
You're welcome!

Deleted comment

You're welcome!!!