jennite (jennite) wrote in billy_crudup,

Tonys Chat @ Jennifer Ehle blog!

Calling fellow Coast of Utopia fans! We at the Jennifer Ehle blog are running an online chat for the Tony Awards to cheer on all the Utopian nominees. It's on this Sunday June 10 starting 6.30pm US EST (see your time zone). The awards themselves are on at 8pm, but we're starting early to catch the red carpet webcast. The onstage action will only be telecast on CBS. Luckily for non-US people, there's plenty of backstage web coverage at the Tonys site during the ceremony as well.

Utopia received 10 nominations all up, including Best Play, Director (Jack O'Brien), Lead Actor (Brian F O'Byrne) and Featured Actor (Billy Crudup & Ethan Hawke) and Featured Actress (Martha Plimpton & Jennifer Ehle).

See the blog for more information, or go straight to the chatroom.

Sorry about multiple posts; this news is being published on several groups.
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